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I like to make something from my childhood. I got into the Arts and Crafts course in Aichi university of education, where I learned crafts. In the course, there are ceramic, glass, japan, metal casting, textile, design and art history, and students learn these courses as general knowledge and after then they choose special subject in the 3rd grade.

I majored the ceramic course, because I like clay best. I got a chance to be taught from Prof. Harumi Nakashima, who is a advanced carrier of contemporary ceramic arts, from the middle of 4th grade. I learned so much from him. It is sure to learn how to create, selecting clay as a material, but also about life style.

I learned under him during graduate school. And I got so many friends and enjoyed campus life so much. During campus life, I aimed to create ceramic works as a medium to convey myself. And through creation, I found myself.

I work for the ceramic studio at Nasu, where has a rich natural environment. I create the original works after work. Although I changed the place to create, I realized that there are so many important things to do, so that I can continue to create ceramic arts. That means to learn another thing besides ceramic, listening to music, seeing many something and feeling. And speaking to people, I think if I have many experiences and feel something through them, that gives me some useful in my heart, not in vain.

Following to the thought of Prof. Nakashima, I surely think that many experiences represent myself to my works some time. Passing years, myself must be appeared year by year.

Through earth, I am so happy to express myself.